Federal Loan Forgiveness Program for Nursing PhD Students

UCF College of Nursing is pleased to offer the federal Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) to qualified nursing PhD students.

Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of doctorally prepared nursing faculty to meet demand and educate the future generations of nurses. The goal of the program is to encourage nursing doctoral students to pursue a full- or part-time career in higher education.

The program is offered thanks to a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Nurse Faculty Loan Program Details

  • Loan covers 100% of tuition, plus a semester-based allotment for books and related educational expenses
  • After graduation, 85% of the loan will be forgiven if the student obtains a full-time educator position in an accredited nursing program within 12 months and maintains the position for at least four years
  • Funding cannot be used toward general living expenses, health insurance, transportation costs or expenses specifically covered by another funding source


Eligible Candidates

  • Currently enrolled as a student in the UCF BSN to PhD or online PhD in Nursing program, and be in good standing
  • Plan to pursue a full-time nurse faculty position upon graduation
  • A U.S. citizen or national of the U.S., or a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. and its territories
  • Have no judgment liens entered against him/her based on the default on a Federal debt, 28 U.S.C. 3201(e)

NFLP loans are made on a first-come, first-serve basis, each academic year until funds are expended. Priority is given to students who have already received NFLP support and do not have funding from other sources.


How It Works

  • Students must be enrolled for at least two consecutive terms/semesters each academic year of loan support
  • Students will sign a Letter of Commitment for the initial amount funded and update of loan amounts in the NFLP Promissory Note each semester. The student’s Statement of Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities is required for each year of NFLP loan support.
  • Students must complete the required educator core courses/components (total of 9 credit hours) prior to graduating from the program:
    • NGR 6791 Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (3 credit hours)
    • NGR 6713 Curriculum Development in Nursing Education (3 credit hour)
    • NGR 6718 Evaluation in Nursing Education (3 credit hours)


How to Apply to the Nurse Faculty Loan Program