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Learn from leading experts to enhance your nursing career with one of the graduate certificate programs at the UCF College of Nursing. Choose from nurse educator, healthcare simulation and nurse practitioner graduate certificate programs.

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Why UCF College of Nursing

  • High-quality education grounded in evidence-based practice and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Led by nationally recognized faculty who are experts in their field and actively engaged in innovative research
  • Flexible and convenient with fully online or hybrid-online programs, and full- or part-time options


Program Objectives

Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner Certificates
  • Analyze social, economic, ethical, cultural, legal, and political issues influencing nursing practice and healthcare in a global context.
  • Develop and implement leadership, management, and teaching strategies for the improvement of health and healthcare quality and safety.
  • Develop practice models of evidence-based nursing practice incorporating nursing research.
  • Influence health and public policy in collaboration with other disciplines to improve systems of care and health of communities.
  • Participate in research and disseminate research findings through presentation and publication.
  • Synthesize advanced knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and nursing theories to support advanced nursing practice.
  • Plan, evaluate and implement the delivery of healthcare using critical thinking skills in an advanced nursing role.
Healthcare Simulation Certificate
  • Analyze social, economic, ethical cultural legal and political issues influence nursing and health practice in a global context
  • Collaborate with leaders in nursing and other disciplines to improve the quality of profession healthcare practice and the outcomes of care
  • Develop and implement innovative applications for simulation experiences in healthcare
  • Evaluate models of delivery of simulation in education and healthcare settings in terms of effectiveness
  • Evaluate the cost benefit of the use of simulation in healthcare and education

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