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UCF’s BSN to PhD track allows nurse scientists to go straight from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate, without a master’s degree. This means less classes, less time, less cost and more time in your career to conduct research that will ultimately benefit patient care.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in nursing is designed to prepare nurse scientists for a variety of roles, such as faculty member in a research-focused university, leader for nursing research in a healthcare system, or an executive leader with a research focus.

The doctoral program in nursing prepares nurse scholars to possess a body of knowledge about theory, processes and methods of inquiry in the discipline of nursing. The program allows students to contribute to disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge in nursing and healthcare from the basis of sound conceptual, methodological, and ethical decision-making.

Students in the BSN to PhD track will have focused support in grant writing for programs, such as the National Research Service Award (NRSA).


Deadlines: Apply annually by March 1 for Summer
Program Length: Full-time (12 semesters)
Program Type: Online courses with 2 intensives per year; On-campus research 3 days per week
Credit Hours: 75


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Online PhD Program in Florida for Nurse Scientists

BSN to PhD = Less Time and Money to Degree

Years of PhD Graduates
Is this program for me?

To apply to this program, you will need to meet the following:

  • You fulfill the general UCF graduate admissions requirements (see Admissions section of the UCF Graduate Catalog).
  • You are a licensed RN in Florida.
  • You have a BSN degree from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent.
  • You completed the GRE within the last five years.
  • Your research interests match faculty expertise.

Please note: Online programs may not meet immigration requirements for students holding an F1 or J1 Visa to maintain status. If you have questions, please contact UCF Global at global.ucf.edu or call 407-823-2337.


What can I expect from the curriculum?

The UCF Nursing BSN to PhD curriculum is delivered online with two multiple-day onsite intensives per year.

The program requires a minimum of 75-credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This includes:

  • 51-credit hours of required courses that focus on foundation, knowledge development and research methods;
  • 15 dissertation credit hours; and
  • 9 credit hours of electives, allowing students to gain additional expertise in the area chosen for their dissertation.

The cohorts will be encouraged to attend research conferences together, along with faculty, to increase dialogue and socialization.

While coursework is conducted completely online, students are expected to come to campus to participate in research and mentoring with faculty, which equates to a minimum of 3 days per week.

I am ready to apply. What are the next steps?

Visit our Doctoral Admissions page for details on the application process and requirements.

Please note: The College of Nursing accepts the most qualified students based on evaluations of the applicant’s abilities, past performance, recommendations and match of UCF research areas with applicant’s career goals.



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