Entrepreneur impacting the lives of patients and students

“Nursing provides the opportunity to grow and choose career paths unlike any other profession. When you are presented with a door, walk through it.

I have had an unbelievable professional journey. I grew up in a healthcare household. I am a fourth generation firefighter and second generation Registered Nurse. I knew patient care was for me after my experience as a firefighter/paramedic. Emergency Nursing was the perfect next step to build on that experience.

I moved from the bedside to entrepreneurship because it allowed me to utilize my patient care education and experience to impact a greater number of lives and give back to my profession.

I still feel it is my duty to give back. At UCF, I was fortunate to receive the generosity of others through scholarships and faculty mentors. Additionally, active involvement in the Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association helped me gain valuable skills and professional relationships that have positively influenced the entire trajectory of my career. Every student should have this opportunity – and I’m honored to support the SNA at UCF.

Nursing students are the future of my beloved profession. My advice to them is to pursue your dreams relentlessly without regard to the resources you have at your disposal. Nursing can be an unbelievable journey both professionally but more important, personally.

My 30-year story began at UCF. I interviewed and was accepted at a number of excellent schools. UCF stood out because of the faculty whose support and interest in my success was obvious from my very first visit to campus. If given the opportunity again, I would not change my choice of UCF to launch my journey.”