Concurrent Enrollment Nursing Program with SSC

A limited-access, upper-division program

The first of its kind in Florida, UCF’s Concurrent ASN to BSN program allows you to earn an esteemed UCF nursing degree more quickly than the 2+2 model.

Through this unique, concurrent enrollment program, you will take ASN-level courses at Seminole State College while also taking BSN courses taught by UCF faculty online. When you complete your ASN degree from SSC, you will take the NCLEX exam for your RN license and complete your BSN the following term.

Students who are enrolled in UCF’s Concurrent ASN to BSN program will take the NCLEX-RN after successfully completing the ASN portion of their program and prior to enrolling in their final BSN courses at UCF.


Concurrent ASN to BSN students will become eligible for financial aid and scholarships at UCF after completing the ASN degree portion of their program.


Admissions: Apply 3 times/year | Summer, Fall or Spring start
Program Length: 6 semesters | Graduate with BSN 1 Semester After Completing ASN
Program Type: Limited Access | Cohort | Simultaneous Enrollment in ASN and BSN Programs
Locations: Seminole State College | UCF Altamonte Springs

ASN to a UCF BSN in 1-2-3

Earn a UCF BSN degree in 1 to 3 semesters after your ASN. Three options to become a Knight nurse: Seminole State College | Valencia College | Florida College System Same UCF Faculty. Same UCF Degree. Options Designed for You.

Is this program for me?
You might be a candidate for the Seminole State/UCF Concurrent ASN to BSN program if you are not an RN and you meet one of the following conditions and the application requirements:
  • You have completed your freshman and sophomore years at UCF and have declared your major “nurse pending,” or
  • You have earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public institution, or
  • You are a transfer student and have completed the equivalent of UCF’s general education program, or
  • You have earned a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline from a regionally accredited institution.
Note: The BSN courses are all taught online – this program will not meet requirements for F1 or J1 Visa students.  If you have questions, please contact UCF Global at  or call 407-823-2337. 
When do I apply?

* We recommend that you apply to UCF at least 3 months in advance of the nursing application deadline. You must be admitted to UCF before you can apply to the College of Nursing’s limited access, upper-division BSN program.

Apply to SSC & UCF Apply to ASN & BSN Submit TEAS
Summer Admission By Oct. 17* Jan. 13-17 By Jan. 17
Fall Admission By Feb. 17* May 13-17 By May 17
Spring Admission By May 30* Aug. 26-30 By Aug. 30
What should I expect in the curriculum?

Qualified students will take ASN-level nursing courses at Seminole State College (Altamonte Springs), while taking UCF nursing courses at the same time on UCF’s Altamonte Springs campus.

Students will complete their ASN degree with more than half of their BSN credits already earned, allowing them to complete their final one semester of UCF’s BSN degree online after obtaining their RN license.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum is very demanding with a strong emphasis on the sciences.

The BSN program provides a strong foundation for entry-level nursing practice and advancement into leadership positions and graduate studies. A nurse with a BSN degree provides comprehensive care in a variety of acute, community and rehabilitative settings.


Access to Excellence

Renowned UCF Faculty. Esteemed UCF Degrees. Options Designed for You.