Released on March 8, 2024

A patented innovation developed by UCF researchers brings the virtual and physical worlds together to enhance healthcare training for trauma and casualty care.

UCF College of Nursing faculty members Frank Guido-Sanz and Mindi Anderson wearing white clinical coats holding VR heads in a simulation learning lab.
Co-inventors Associate Professor Frank Guido-Sanz and College of Nursing Associate Dean for Simulation and Immersive Learning Mindi Anderson holding augmented reality headsets in UCF’s STIM Center. (Photo by Dana Saccoccio)
Dr. Gregory Welch, Endowed Chair in Healthcare Simulation, UCF College of Nursing
AdventHealth Endowed Chair in Healthcare Simulation Gregory Welch

One of the first steps in trauma, wound, and combat casualty care is to stop the bleeding. “There’s a right amount of pressure. Too much is not a good thing. Not enough is not a good thing,” says Gregory Welch, AdventHealth Endowed Chair in Healthcare Simulation.

Currently, there is no way to tell if the pressure a trainee applies is correct. A new patented innovation seeks to solve this and the other limitations of current training tools.

The multi-sensory wound simulation was developed by Welch and a team of experts from UCF’s College of Nursing, Department of Computer Science, and Institute for Simulation and Training. The innovation merges the physical and virtual worlds to enhance the quality and realism of healthcare training.

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