Admissions Next Steps

Please note that admissions decisions for the Florida College System Concurrent ASN to BSN program will not be made until after the application cycle ends. This process may take up to 6-8 weeks. You can expect to receive an email confirming or denying your acceptance into the program.

RN to BSN applications are accepted on an ongoing basis each semester. Admission decisions for this program are typically made a few months prior to the semester start date. You can expect to receive an email confirming or denying your acceptance into the program.


Florida College System Concurrent students must RSVP to by the deadline stated in your admission email to reserve your seat.

RN to BSN students do not need to RSVP.

Submit Memorandum of Agreement and Plan of Study

Print, sign, scan and return the Memorandum of Agreement you received according to the directions in the email.

Additionally, please respond to the email to agree to the default plan of study or obtain approval on an altered plan of study.

Change Major

Florida College System Concurrent Students

After we receive your Memorandum of Agreement, you will receive instructions to change your major. You will submit the major change request via your myUCF portal. The College of Nursing will review and approve your major change request if appropriate.

Once your major is changed to the correct BSN track, you will be able to register for BSN courses.


RN to BSN Students

You will be automatically admitted into the fully online RN-BSN track with reduced tuition and fees. If you plan to remain in the fully online BSN track, no action is needed.

However, if you would like to opt-out of the fully online major in order to take any face-to-face courses or use on-campus resources, you must submit a major change through your myUCF portal.

Download form for more details.


Within 24 hours of your major change, students in the Florida College System Concurrent ASN to BSN and students in the RN to BSN programs will have access to the UCF RN Communications Center. The center contains information regarding faculty advising, plans of study, frequently asked questions, and announcements.

To access the RN Communications Center, please login to webcourses and go to courses.

The RN Communications Center and Knights email are used for all formal communication. Since this is an online program, it is your responsibility to check webcourses and Knights email often. Failure to do this will not excuse you from missing deadlines.

Click here to learn more and take a virtual tour of webcourses.

If you do not have access to the RN Communications Center after 48 business hours of your major change, please contact your academic advisor.

Complete and Submit Immunization Waiver

As an online student, you are only required to complete the top section of the Immunization Form with UCF Student Health Services.

This includes your name, date of birth, UCF ID, phone, and orientation date (online). You must also then sign and date the middle section waiving the immunizations. You will not need to send copies of any immunization records. Just scan a copy of the signed form and upload it online to Med+Proctor (yellow button on top right). Med+Proctor is a third party that UCF has partnered with for immunization processing.

Complete Final Prerequisite and University Degree Requirements

RN to BSN applicants must complete all 8 nursing prerequisites with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better before the program start date.

Florida College System Concurrent applicants must have completed all 8 nursing prerequisites prior to the application deadline.

Prior to starting an online BSN program, you must either:

  • Meet the three UCF requirements: General Education ProgramGordon Rule, and Foreign Language Admission with no more than three courses outstanding in these areas prior to starting the BSN program, and these courses must be completed prior to taking 4000-level courses.
  • OR complete the AA degree from a Florida public institution (*initial enrollment fall 2014 or later to meet the foreign language admission requirement).
  • OR complete a bachelor’s degree from any regionally accredited institution
Apply for Financial Assistance

For applicable students, complete FAFSA and view the process through UCF Office of Financial Assistance.

  • RN to BSN students: Enter the UCF FAFSA code. To learn more, visit the UCF Office of Student Financial Assistance.
  • Concurrent students: Enter either the FAFSA Code from your state college. For assistance with the application, speak to your state college financial aid office. Concurrent students are ineligible to receive financial aid through UCF until after completing the ASN degree portion of their program. 

Some important links to review:

Federal Financial Aid EligibilityCredit Hour Limits for Federal AidExcess Credit Hour SurchargeAggregate Loan Limits

Currently, there is more than $200,000 in scholarship aid available to nursing students. Concurrent students will become eligible once they have completed the ASN degree portion of their program. Learn more about Scholarships & Aid.

Attend Required UCF Orientation

If you have not yet attended a transfer orientation, you are now eligible to complete a fully online virtual orientation. You will receive an email invitation from First Year Experience within one week to register for the virtual orientation.

A transfer orientation must be completed before you are able to register for classes.

After registering and paying for the virtual orientation, it will be available to you in webcourses.


RN to BSN and Florida College System Concurrent ASN to BSN

New Transfer Student to UCF Current or Former UCF Student
1AFTER admission to BSN, complete fully online
UCF Transfer Orientation
2Communicate with your academic advisor to develop a plan of study 1Communicate with your academic advisor to develop a plan of study


Purchase LEAP*RN Subscription

You are required to purchase a one-time subscription to our student database, LEAP*RN. LEAP*RN will store course work, portfolios, plans of study, clinical placements, clinical hours, logs, and all evaluation data. The one-time subscription fee will allow you to access these documents for free, even after graduation.

You will receive an email with detailed instructions and a link to purchase the subscription. Please purchase it in a timely manner as you will not be able to register for BSN courses until it is paid.

Register for Classes

After you change your major and attend the virtual orientation, you are eligible to register for BSN courses. You may only register for courses outlined in your BSN plan of study.

Click here for instructions on how to register for classes.

Please note that you will have a seat in the classes that are listed on your plan of study. If your classes appear closed or full, or you’re having problems registering for classes, please contact your academic advisor.

Review Resources & Information for Current Students
Maintain Physical Location Requirement

BSN students must be physically located in a Nurse Licensure Compact state for the duration of their education.

UCF College of Nursing faculty are authorized to teach in Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) states. Due to nursing education restrictions imposed by non-NLC states, UCF is unable to offer courses, clinicals, or other educational services regardless of modality within non-NLC states. Should you be physically located within a non-NLC state for more than a vacation or brief visit, regardless of your legal state of residence or the type of license you have, you will be unable to apply or continue your nursing degree program at the UCF College of Nursing. This includes, but is not limited to, students accepting traveling nurse positions in a non-NLC state. Although Colorado is a NLC state, the UCF College of Nursing cannot enroll students who will complete clinical practice hours there due to Colorado statute requirements for worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

Students may contact the College of Nursing’s Assistant Dean of Students with any questions regarding non-NLC states.