Post-licensure Nursing Degree Program

As you know, RNs with a bachelor’s degree in nursing are becoming the new standard in healthcare. The fully online post-licensure RN to BSN program allows you to earn an esteemed nursing degree from UCF while continuing to work.

It’s convenient, flexible and now more affordable with reduced tuition costs through fee waivers for some campus-based amenities.

The best part? You’re still receiving the same high-quality education from UCF’s nationally renowned faculty.

*Simplified application process
Licensed RNs simply submit one application directly to UCF. Online RN to BSN applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Learn more.

Admissions: Apply 3 times/year | Summer, Fall or Spring start
Program Length: 30-Credit Hours
Location: Online | Full- or Part-time
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Convenient, Flexible and Affordable

UCF Online programs are convenient, flexible and now more affordable. Reduced tuition costs and fee waivers for some campus-based amenities. Same UCF Faculty. Same UCF Degree. Options Designed for You.

Is this program for me?

You might be a candidate for the online RN to BSN program if you are a licensed registered nurse (RN) and meet one of these conditions and the application requirements:

  • You have earned an AA degree from a Florida public institution. Initial enrollment must be from fall 2014 or later to meet UCF’s foreign language requirement, or
  • You have earned a bachelor’s degree from any regionally accredited institution, or
  • You have completed – or nearly completed – the equivalent of UCF’s general education program, Gordon Rule requirement and meet the foreign language requirements (RN to BSN applicants may not have more than three courses outstanding among General Education, Gordon Rule, and Foreign Language requirements prior to starting the BSN program, and these courses must be completed prior to taking 4000-level courses.)

Please note: Online programs do not meet immigration requirements for students holding an F1 or J1 Visa to maintain status. If you have questions, please contact UCF Global at or call 407-823-2337.

When do I apply?

Simplified application process
Licensed RNs simply submit one application directly to UCF. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. * You must be admitted to UCF by the deadline. Otherwise, you will be unable to enroll in classes until the following semester. Learn more.

Apply to UCF Admitted to UCF
Summer Admission By March 1 By March 21*
Fall Admission By July 1 By July 21*
Spring Admission By Nov. 1 By Nov. 21*
What should I expect in the curriculum?

The post-licensure RN to BSN degree completion program is designed for registered nurses. The College of Nursing will validate previous coursework and will award up to 29 credits for prior learning.

The RN to BSN program is available online or can be completed face-to-face on select regional campuses. The program consists of 30 credit hours of coursework that can be completed in as quickly as three semesters or as slowly as one course per semester, depending on the number of classes taken per term.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum is very demanding with a strong emphasis on the sciences. The BSN program provides a strong foundation for advancement into leadership positions and graduate studies.

Get a head-start on a graduate degree while an undergraduate student, and complete your future MSN or DNP in less time.

Students in the RN to BSN program may substitute up to 9 credit hours – or 3 classes – of graduate course work at UCF that would later transfer toward an MSN or DNP degree. Graduate tuition rates will apply to these 3 graduate courses. See the Plan of Study for more details.


Go from BSN to MSN or DNP in Less Time

Jump start your graduate course work as an undergraduate now. Less time to degree later.
Only at UCF. Options Designed for You.