Alumni Chapter Board

Social Media Chair
Joined Spring 2017


Favorite Quote

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.” – Florence Nightingale.


Professional Role

Emergency Department Nurse
Orlando Regional Medical Center


Knights in Nursing: Ally in the Battle of Managing Diabetes

“From when I was first diagnosed with diabetes at 11 years old, I saw the good and the bad from many care providers. I knew that I had to become one of the good ones.

It was my middle school nurse who taught me about diabetes management that inspired me to pursue nursing, and it was my disease that inspired my passion within nursing. I feel that if God allowed me to have diabetes, then I was to use it for good and to help others.

I was able to begin to use my experiences to help others at UCF, where my Honors in the Major undergraduate thesis explored how technology could help adults better control their diabetes. Now as a nurse, it is the most fulfilling feeling when I am able to help my diabetic patients and have an immediate rapport with them. In the future, as an endocrinology nurse practitioner, it is my dream to become the primary care provider I would want to have.

Knowing how much I could truly help other diabetics that live the same struggles I do drives me to further my education and career. The UCF DNP program was a perfect fit. I am able to pursue my doctorate part-time while continuing to work full time, and gain valuable experience as an ER nurse. From the caliber of faculty and the vast research opportunities to the expansive clinical experiences, I have no doubt that I will be fully prepared for this future role.

I feel so blessed as I am fulfilling my dreams of changing the diabetes care world, one patient at a time.”


UCF Degrees and Programs

DNP student, Class of 2021
’16 Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Advice to Students

“Remember, part of the beauty of our profession is that we get to constantly recognize needs, and improve patient quality of care and best nursing practice. You are the super hero in scrubs that can make things happen. Don’t ever lose that drive to make things the best you can for your patients and your team. You’ll be amazed at the positive impact you are capable of, and what team work will accomplish.”