Dr. Karen Aroian’s research focuses on immigrant and minority health and includes the following topics: stress, coping, and psychosocial adaptation; health beliefs and health promotion, health care use, and symptom management; and methods for conducting research with culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

Over the course of 30 years, her research has spanned different age groups (i.e., children, adults, and elderly), units of analysis (i.e., individuals, families, communities), cultural groups (i.e., Polish, Russians, Latin Americans, Chinese, Arabs, African Americans, Muslims), and research methods (e.g., various qualitative and quantitative approaches as well as mixed methods). Her methodological expertise includes recruitment and gaining entry with difficult to reach populations as well as developing and adapting reliable and valid measures for use with diverse groups that vary culturally and linguistically.

She is recognized in the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame by Sigma Honor Society of Nursing.

  • PhD in Nursing Science, University of Washington
  • MS in Psychiatric and Community Mental Health, Boston College
  • BS in Nursing, University of Massachusetts

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