Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair
Joined Spring 2021


Professional Role

Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner
Advent Health

Adjunct Nursing Faculty: Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs (BSN-DNP, post master’s certificate)
University of Central Florida


UCF Degrees and Programs

’06 Bachelor of Science in Nursing
’11 Master of Science in Nursing
’15 Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate
’18 Doctor of Nursing Practice
’20 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate


Advice to Students

“Nursing school is just the start and foundation of your lifelong learning as a healthcare professional. The application of what you learned in nursing school when you are able to apply it to real people and make a difference in their lives is the real reward. The art of nursing is evident in how you make patients feel. Care for your patients as you or your family members would want to be treated: with respect and compassion (and without biases). Be prepared to study and dedicate your time to learning a profession that is so rewarding beyond measure. Be inquisitive, apply your emotional and physical skills, use your resources, ask for help when needed. Remember it takes a village to care for each patient.”