Caregiver using compassion to overcome tragedy

“The Pulse tragedy was a powerful experience for me, and serves as a reminder of why I choose nursing and nursing continues to choose me. It is not simply what I do, but it is who I am.

Being a Level One Trauma Center, we see many patients on a daily basis who are experiencing their worst day or a tragic event. But working in the ER that night forever shaped my nursing care. Compassion has always guided my nursing, and that was magnified after the tragedy.

I grew up with a desire to help those around me – be it strangers or those I know and love. My family is filled with nurses, law enforcement officers and firefighters. It didn’t take me long to realize my passion for nursing and emergency medicine.

Being a nurse in the ER is unpredictable, constantly challenging of the mind and body, and requires you to give your entire heart and caring nature. But the camaraderie of the team and fast-paced care is something I am drawn to. It is where my heart lies.

Twenty years from now I hope to be an experienced ER nurse leader, making changes in the field and inspiring others on a large scale. I am confident that I have the tools to succeed from my education at UCF. It has paved the way for my career by providing opportunities to lead, inspire and accomplish my goals.”


UCF Affiliations

  • Alumna, ’17BSN
  • Former mentorship committee member, UCF College of Nursing Alumni Chapter Board
  • Former historian, Sigma: Theta Epsilon Chapter (nursing honor society)
  • Former historian, Orlando Chapter of the Student Nurses Association at UCF

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