Released on May 6, 2024

In honor of Mother’s Day and Nurse’s Week, meet the second generation of UCF Knight nurses, and third generation of nurses, who were inspired by a mother’s calling to care for others.

4 UCF Nursing students in black clinical scrubs and one student in the center wearing a white clinical lab coat stand in front of the UCF reflection pond. The five students are cousins.
Knight nurses and family members (left to right) Stephen Frederick ’24, Sulah Monize, David Frederick ’20, Linah Monize and Samuel Frederick (Photo by Dana Saccoccio).

“My mom inspired me to pursue nursing,” says Linah Monize, a junior nursing student at UCF Orlando. “I grew up watching her further her education in healthcare, first as a nurse and then as a nurse practitioner.”

Her mother, Mildride Monize ’99 ’04 ’23DNP, was inspired to become a nurse by her own mother who migrated from Haiti to the U.S. and worked in various roles as a registered nurse.

“My mother has always been a loving, caring, and independent person,” Mildride says. “She showed me that her career in nursing allowed her to achieve many of her goals,” says the three-time alumna.

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