Released on March 18, 2017

Ayanna Lopez What is your current job title and responsibilities?
Assistant Director, Graduate Student Services
Responsible for daily operations of the College of Nursing, Graduate Affairs Office and leadership of the student services staff (recruitment, admissions, advising, and clinical contracts)

What is your history at UCF and before UCF?
I began at UCF in 2006 and an Admissions Specialist at the International Services Center (now IAGS). In just over a year, I was promoted to a Coordinator position serving as an Employment and Taxation Coordinator and later as an Immigration Advisor. In 2013, I transitioned to the College of Nursing as their Clinical Contracts Coordinator, and in 2014 I was promoted to the Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services.

What is your academic background?
BA in Psychology
MA in Career and Technical Education with a specialization in Counseling
Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling

What is your favorite UCF memory?
My favorite memory is getting offered my first job at the University. I had recently earned my bachelor’s degree and knew that I wanted to begin my career with my alma mater.

If you could change one thing at UCF, what would it be?
If time and money was not a factor, I would make college education free and require students to participate in student activities and leadership development.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with your colleagues?
We all have an important role in the success of our students and each other.

If UCF was going to name something in your honor, what would you like it to be and why?
A fund for students, faculty, and staff to visit other communities, locally and globally, and serve those that are in need.

If you could have lunch with anyone at UCF (who you do not normally eat lunch with), who would you choose and why?
I would like to have lunch with Provost Whittaker. I’d like to know more about his vision for the university.

Who at UCF would you like to thank for your success?
I have had many mentors along the way. I would like to thank Dr. Susan Chase in particular, for her mentorship in the last few years.

Name and describe a teacher or researcher from your past who truly inspired you and why.
I have had many great teachers along the way. They have all, in some way, helped to shape the person I am today.

What undergraduate or graduate class/program/experience inspired you the most and why?
I was involved in a leadership program as an undergraduate student. Participating in that program really taught me a lot about myself and has helped me to grow as a person tremendously.

What is your favorite restaurant or food?
I love Indian and Thai cuisine

What is your favorite movie, book or music?
My favorite musicians are Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Yanni, and Celine Dion.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Anywhere with my family. It’s less about the place and more about the company and the memories.

By UCF Center of Success for Women Faculty

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