UCF Students Making a Global Impact Through Service-Learning

Teamwork. Interdisciplinary collaboration. Cultural competence. These are just some of the valuable skills our nursing students gain through service-learning across continents while, at the same time, providing much-needed care to rural and underserved communities.

Students may receive course credit through official study abroad opportunities organized by UCF Abroad. Additionally, Honors in the Major students may study abroad with the Burnett Honors College.


NEW! Study Abroad Opportunities for 2023

March 13-20, 2024

In the “Simulated Global Healthcare Perspectives” study abroad opportunity, graduate and undergraduate students will foster an intercultural exchange with Bahamian nursing and healthcare students. Scholarship opportunities are available.

Simulated Global Healthcare Perspectives with UCF Abroad in Nassau, Paradise Island, The Bahamas

May 25 – June 2, 2024

In the “International Perspectives of Health” study abroad opportunity in Mexico, students will explore the country’s healthcare, culture, and lifestyle as it relates to the health of its people. Scholarship opportunities are available.

International Perspectives of Health with UCF Abroad in Chiapa, Mexico.


Medical Service Trips

The College of Nursing collaborates with the UCF College of Medicine and other disciplines to provide global health clinical learning experiences for students, including the Dominican Republic and most recently to Peru.

Some financial assistance is available for students selected for Medical Service Trips, including the David and Ania Hanke Endowed Fund for Global Health Outreach.







What Our Students Say


“The interdisciplinary trip to Peru was the most valuable educational experience I have had thus far.”


Ariana Nieves, ’19BSN student