Four nursing students tend to an infant mannequin. One holds a clipboard, medical equipment hangs in the bacground
UCF nursing student focuses intently as she prepares a syringe. Anatomy poster hangs in the background
A male student, female student, and UCF instructor examine a mannequin  in the lab
Four female nursing student watch as a UCF instructor teaches and demos with a female mannequin
Two students check the vitals of one mannequin in the lab. One holds a stethoscope to the patient's chest, the other wears a plastic suite, gloves and mask. Blinds cover the large window behind them
Three nursing students smile as they attend an IV bag in the lab
UCF Nursing student checks vital on one of the mannequins with her stethoscope
Four nursing students stand while three sit, smiling, with a white board behind them.
A male and female student the check the vitals of a mannequin with their stethoscopes as an instructor controls the environment and mannequin's condition from a nearby laptop.
Three nursing students smile and hold a medical book
Two UCF factulty talk to four students in a conference room with wood table and seven chairs. Three windows with blinds up show the greenery outside
Three UCF nursing students tend to a mannequin patient. One holds a notebook, the others prepare to deliver a syringe into mannequin's arm. Medical equipment and x-ray results in background

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