Financial Aid

We understand that paying for college is a primary concern for many students. The BSN program at UCF, while inexpensive compared to many other out-of-state or private programs, can still add up due to the lab fees, books, testing fees, and materials that are required. Please plan ahead to determine the cost of your education before you embark on this endeavor.

Items to Consider:

Apply for Financial Assistance

  • Complete FAFSA and view process through UCF Office of Financial Assistance
    • If you have attempted 180+ undergraduate credit hours for your first bachelor's degree, you will need to petition for additional federal financial aid due to the SAP Policy.
    • If you have already earned one bachelor’s degree, the Office of Student Financial Assistance will review your eligibility for up to 70 credit hours toward a second bachelor’s degree. Any hours attempted past your first bachelor’s degree will count.
  • Visit the nursing scholarship page