Lactation Privacy Rooms

The University of Central Florida recognizes the needs of new mothers by developing lactation privacy rooms on campus. These secure locations provide UCF mothers, whether students, staff or faculty, the ability to ease back into work or school without having to sacrifice the healthy practice of expressing their milk.

Numerous studies and health care recommendations point to breastfeeding for the promotion of optimal infant health. However, it can be a very difficult process for the postpartum professional or collegiate mother returning to work or school. The College of Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner graduate students chose to support this because they understand that supplying an environment that is conveniently located and dedicated to the lactation needs of the community supports the continuation of the breastfeeding process while working towards success in career and/or studies.

“This is a tremendously beneficial resource for our new mothers on campus,” said Michelle Darido, a graduate student in the UCF College of Nursing. “It shows our university’s strong effort in promoting the Healthy People 2020 Breastfeeding Objectives, which involve not only increasing the number of breastfed infants but also creating work-site lactation support programs. I am very proud of UCF’s commitment to the betterment of our community.”

Lactation Privacy Room Locations

  • UCF College of Nursing (University Tower) – Room 431
    (check in at room 300 for key)
  • Global UCF – Room 314
    (check in at reception desk on 3rd floor for key)
  • UCF College of Medicine (Lake Nona) – Room 419
    (check in at 1st floor welcome desk for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Engineering I Building) – Room 220
    (check in at room 107 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Physical Science Building) – Room 430
    (check in at room 430 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Recreation and Wellness Center) – Suite 111
    (entrance across from leisure pool, check in at suite 111 for key)
  • UCF Main Campus (Health & Public Affairs 1) – Room 210
    (check in at room 365 (front desk) for key