Computers and chairs neatly line desks in the UCF College of Nursing Study area
College of Nursing Study lounge has wood table in the center surrounded vby chairs. Around is a carpeted walkway and a great many computers on desks with chairs. A bulletin board sits in the back
UCF College of Nursing Seminar Room. Sunlight streams through the windows onto the wood table and black and gold chairs, and a white board.
One nursing student checks another's pulse in UCF Seminar Room. Wood table  is covered with reference and study materials and black and gold chairs, blinds are drawn over windows, and a white board.
UCF College of Nursing Student lounge shows two microwaves, dishwasher, wood cabinets and place to wash hands and dishes. Magazine rack and coffee table sit in the distance.
In the UCF College of Nursing Student lounge, you can see a black, two door refrigerator, toaster, white microwave, wood cabinets and sink for washing.
UCF College of Nursing Student and Faculty lounge in evening. Empty chairs sit around 3 wood tables. There is an outdoor patio, magazine rack, and bulletin board.
Empty student and faculty lounge at UCF College of Nursing. Magazine rack, black couch, poster, door to the outside patio area, glass windows  show nature, wood table surrounded by black chairs

Student Study Areas

The College of Nursing has several dedicated areas on the third floor for students to gather, learn and relax. These areas are only open to students currently enrolled in a nursing program at UCF.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise posted

Student Learning Center

Outfitted with computer desks along the outer walls and a large table in the center for group study, this is the epicenter of where students gather. For just a few dimes, students can print from here and make copies by swiping their UCF ID. Sometimes this lab is closed for tests. Directions on how to use the printer or make copies are posted in this room. Students also have access to SGA Computer Labs in the Student Union, located on the main campus.

Seminar Room

Our seminar room is a small conference room available for students to reserve. A white board stretches almost the entire length of the wall. Plus, with chairs accommodating up to 10 students, many students can be seen working on projects together or preparing for an upcoming exam. To reserve this room for nursing student projects, email

Student Lounge

Students needing a break can head to the third-floor lounge that includes an outdoor patio, a fully equipped kitchen, and many tables for relaxing between classes. You’ll often find students studying here, sharing ideas on the white board, and eating lunch between classes.