In the UCF Skills lab, two students overlook a mannequin. One examines with a stethoscope and the watches with a clipboard
Two UCF Knight Nurse students smile and prepare an IV bag in the Skills lab
Four diverse UCF Knight Nurses smile and take care of an infant mannequin in the skills lab. Various medical equipment is attached the wall.
UCF nursing student wearing purple gloves and focusing intently, prepares syringe. Anatomy poster hangs on the all in the background

Clinical Skills Lab

It looks like a hospital, but is actually a lab, or even more appropriate, a hands-on classroom. Here, students will learn the most basic skills a nurse must have as they take care of ‘patients’ in an eight-bed, ward-style room.

The basic skills students learn here are bathing, mobility, bed to bath, tracheotomy care, oxygen, oral hygiene and how to administer medication and ointments.

The skills lab has the technology needed for students to learn and is spacious enough to allow the instructor to be with students each step of the way.


  • Each patient area has fully adjustable electric bed, bedside cabinet, over bed table, training headwall with compressed-air supplied oxygen and air outlet, vacuum outlet, electrical outlet and over bed light fixture with timer for pump and compressor
  • Two walls with full windows overlooking a balcony with views of the surrounding area, simulating a healing environment
  • Sink supplied with hot water
  • Each bed has either Keri or Geri Lifeform® manikin or Nursing Anne with VitalSim® manikin