Grad student checking leg of patient in blue top while instructor looks on in the Anderson Lab
Grad student checks neck and lymph nodes of patient in Anderson Lab
In the Anderson lab, grad students check patients on rows of hospital bed while instructors teach and evaluate
UCF nursing student checks pulse of patient in Anderson Lab
Grad student checks smiling patient's lymph nodes while instructor looks on
In the UCF SIM Suite, a student in black scrubs checks the vitals of a pregnant patient
In the UCF SIM Suite, a student in black scrubs puts his stethoscope on a pregnant patient's stomach.
Anderson lab with a view and its equipment, 6 examination beds with lab equipment
Anderson lab with two hospital beds, eye examination chart, reference books, and models of the internal parts of the human body.
Anderson Lab interior examination room with equpiment

Anderson Assessment Lab

Primarily serving graduate students, the Andersen Assessment Lab houses exam beds, specialized training tools and technology needed to fulfill the requirements of the nurse practitioner programs.

Grad_NP_SamII-Manikin.jpgThe lab features a student auscultation manikin named Sam II. This low-fidelity manikin is used to test a student's understanding of cardiac and valvular anomalies. Students identify proper placement of the stethoscope for valvular disorders and cardiac anomalies and use the bell and diaphragm to identify where and how to assess the cardiac and pulmonary systems. Sam has multiple sounds that can be altered based on the case scenario, allowing students to identify various abnormalities in a controlled environment. 

Each term, students complete a head-to-toe history and physical exam and record their assessment for summative evaluation. This adjacent room is equipped with necessary equipment for patient examinations and clinic evaluations, as well as video equipment for the recorded exam. 

The Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation provided support to name the lab in 2006.


  • Six ward-style patient exam rooms
  • Two private patient exam rooms used for testing or privacy
  • One private patient exam room with DVD recording capability accessible from hallway or assessment lab
  • Each patient exam room contains Ritter® Manual Exam table, adjustable lift stool, mayo stand and Welch Allyn Integrated Diagnostic System with MacroView® otoscope and PanOptic® Ophthalmoscope
  • 12-person debriefing room with multimedia computer and DVD projection
  • Each exam table stocked with supplies for full head-to-toe assessment