Dr. Weiss’ research focus is in decision making in vulnerable populations with a particular interest in teen pregnancy prevention in rural populations.

Funded Research

  • Principal Investigator, Empowering Parents to Empower Youth Through Healthy Sex Chats, UCF Foundation ($4,990).

  • I’m going to be somebody! Babies can wait. The Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring Research Initiative Proposal, 2012

  • Helping Teens Make Positive Choices. A Life Skills Enhancement Program; Peer Mentoring Component, Healthy Start: 2007, Co-I

  • Rural Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Grounded Theory Study. The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2005

  • Making the Right Choice for Me: A Grounded Theory Study of Adolescent Sexual Decision Making. The Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring Research Initiative Proposal, 2004

  • Will You Return? Recidivism from the Perspective of Female Inmates. The Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring Research Initiative Proposal, 2001

  • Survival in Honduras, an Ethnographic Approach. College of Health & Public Affairs; University of Central Florida.

Selected Publications

  • Weiss, J. A., & Harris, D. (2018). Making plans for future success: A timeline tool feasibility study. British Journal of Guidance and Counseling, 46(2), 255-266.

  • Winland-Brown, J. & Weiss, J.A. (in press). Ethical and legal Issues of a caring-based practice. In L. Dunphy & J. Winland-Brown. Primary care: The art and science of advanced practice nursing (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

  • Garnett, S., Weiss, J.A., Winland-Brown, J. (2015). Simulation design: Engaging large groups of NP students. Journal of Nursing Education, 54(9), 525-531.

  • Weiss, J.A., Gattamorta, K., Davis, S., & Chabot, D. (2014). Recognizing the costs of teen pregnancy: “Baby think it over.” Journal of Clinical Research in HIV AIDS and Prevention. DOI: 10.14302/issn.2324-7339.jcrhap-13-186.

  • Winland-Brown, J., Garnett, S., Weiss, J.A. (2013). Using the six Cs as a caring tool to evaluate the simulation experience. International Journal for Human Caring, 17(2), 9-15.

  • Weiss, J.A. (2012) Who will listen? Rural teen pregnancy reflections. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 8, 804-809.

  • Weiss, J.A. (2012). Just Heavy Menses or Something More? Raising Awareness of von Willebrand Disease. American Journal of Nursing, 112(6), 38-44.

  • Fontenot, H., Hawkins, J.W., Weiss, J.A., (2012) Cognitive dissonance experienced by nurse practitioner faculty. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 24, 506-513.

  • Howard-Barr, E.M., Moore, M.J., Weiss, J.A. & Jobli, E. (2011). Public opinion towards sexuality education: Findings among one county in Florida.  American Journal of Sexuality Education, 6, 1-16.

  • Weiss, J.A., (2010). Preventing teen pregnancy by avoiding risk exposure. American Journal of Health Studies, 25, 202-210

  • Weiss, J.A., Dwonch-Schoen, K. Barr, E., & Panella, M. (2010). Learning from a Community Action Plan to Promote Safe Sexual Practices. Social Work, 55(1), 19-27.

  • Weiss, J.A., Hawkins, J.W., & Despinos, C. (2010). Redefining boundaries: A grounded theory study of recidivism in women. Health Care for Women International, 31, 258-273.

Editorial Board

  • Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice

Professional Organizations

  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • Sigma Theta Tau International
  • Florida Nurse Practitioner Network
  • National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty

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