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Program Objectives

  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing and the physical, biological, behavioral, psychological and social sciences, and the humanities in the practice of professional nursing.

  • Use critical thinking as the basis for professional nursing practice.

  • Participate in interdisciplinary teams and community partnerships to meet the health care needs of individuals, families, and communities in a diverse society with particular emphasis on needs of vulnerable populations.

  • Demonstrate effective verbal, written, and electronic communication in the promotion of culturally appropriate care.

  • Apply innovative technologies to optimize outcomes for self, clients, and communities.

  • Demonstrate competency in the performance and evaluation of nursing techniques and skills.

  • Incorporate ethical, cultural and legal principles as professional values in the practice of professional nursing.

  • Use the principles of teaching and learning to promote, maintain, and restore health, and prevent illnesses with individuals, families and communities.

  • Apply theories and principles of leadership and management to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to promote and maintain quality health care for individuals, families and communities.

  • Participate in efforts to influence health systems policy on behalf of patients and the profession.

  • Use research in the exploration of health problems and the implementation of evidence based practice.

  • Assume responsibility for lifelong learning and plan for professional career development.

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